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Track Name: We Are The Hakan
We are the Hakan, baby!
Track Name: Anaphylactic Shock
Never said that your bands rock
I saw you playing at the dock
T'was anaphylactic shock

I fell down on the ground
With my body upside down
T'was anaphylactic shock

Can only wish you good luck
With your fucking bands that suck
Don't even try to suck up to me
I can't stand my new allergy
Track Name: Landlord
You spy me from above
When I'm playing with my balls
Then you stalk me on the telephone
When I jerk off all alone

Hey, you asshole, alright

When you're coming for the rent (landlord)
With your fatty and sweaty hands (landlord)
You say we can talk discount (landlord)
If I pay some with my mouth (landlord)

I don't wanna feel your belly
Track Name: Hypochondriac
Only a million and a couple of germs
And not a single pill to kill them all
And what the fuck is that dot on my nose
I want the valium doctor prescribe me some more

I double checked the symptoms right on my phone
I want an answer where the hell is the cure
And in the meanwhile I feel cracks in my bones
The different heartbeat just came out of the blue oh no
Track Name: I Fell In Love With Kocurek
I have no reason to moan or to be sad
I have never wanted a girl enough is a cat
And if you say that I'm crazy
You should have seen her laziness
Last night when we played chess

I like the way that she purrs I like it like that
I like her fur and her smell a beautiful pet
And if you say that I'm crazy
See her tidying up her new toilet
Then she comes to me in bed

She said Andrzej I'm not in the right mood
My dry food wasn't all that good
I said Kocurek c'mon don't be so sad
You can't stay mad at me why can't you see

Yeah, I fell in love with Kocurek
I fell in love with my new pet
Track Name: King Of The Ring
King of the ring

He can punch so hard yeah
No matter if you cheat
Your nose will suddenly start to bleed
Before you start to scream
Track Name: Late Night Robbery
Another midnight shift
Cocaine to boost me up
Elevator to the roof
But I just wanna hit the road

Late night robbery

Sneak in like a cat
Easy easy don't trip the alarm
Laser grids, a million cams
A step away from years in jail
Track Name: Let Me Go
Please stay it's time to think it over
Too late and now you are feeling blue

I hate to say I told you so
It wasn't clear now let it blow
It's not the way I'm on my way
Please let me go

You say you say that I'm a stalker
But now I don't play by your rules
Track Name: Dummy
Dummy dummy youÕre so dummy
When I look at you you look dummy
I donÕt wanna see you clean hotel rooms
I just wanna see you dance like you do

Go go go away
Take some crappy plane to some Dutch place
Dummy oh my God you're so dummy
Track Name: Doormat
Why you look so bad
I just canÕt understand
You keep on skating on my heart
You fill your hunger with my guts
So why you look so sad

I wanna be your doormat
I wanna feel your chains
Track Name: Steamed Octopus
One two three last night I tried to cook you without frying
Your finger licking tentacles a surprise

You are delicious when you are steamed
Track Name: I Wanna Eat A Vegan
I wanna eat a vegan and everybody knows

Right now

Oh no I can't resist that tasty vegan skin
Alright let's dip these fatty fingers into some cheese
Track Name: Love's A Gamble
Gotta end it up I got good cards
Gonna make you mine I got the skills to pay the bills

Love's a gamble

I ain't bluffing now, not at all

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