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released March 4, 2016


- Waterslide: watersliderecords.net?pid=105224842



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One Chord Wonder Milan, Italy

Milano No-Talent Scouts

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Track Name: Neil Aspinall
Neil is feeling very bad
He's got a secret in his head
Neil was writing on my board
Telling us that He was Paul

Neil Aspinall is dead
Track Name: Eat Me
Eat me, just eat me, please eat me and put me in the trash oh baby

Eat me baby
I just want to be with you
Please kiss me
It's the only thing to do

Put me on the table
eat me in your bed
eat me while you're watching all alone your tv set
eat me on the carpet
All over the wall
Crash me with your foot
leave on the floor
Track Name: Pop-Shove It My Hearth
Baby do this trick for me
Baby it's so easy to see
I fell in love with your own world
While I was trying to flip my board

Baby pop shove it my heart
Leave it dead right on the flat
And then try to kickflip my brain
All this tricks drive me insane
Track Name: Fra Never Feels Cold
Fra is so tough, he feels never ill
He's got a tshirt and a pair of blue jeans
Fra doesn't mind that winter is here
In his leather jacket keeps drinking his beer

He can beat you up, He will shut your mouth
'Cause Fra is the coolest guy around

Yea yea yea yea yea Fra never feels cold

He's going to the show with his jacket on
Track Name: Edo Wants Your Mom
Edo shaves his face and goes down to the beach
He wanna fuck that girl because she has the biggest tits
Edo puts his face between the legs of your old mom
He wanna have some fun while you are drinking at the pub
Track Name: Silence
Noisy people around me
Screams and laughs can't you see?
Old or young, black or white
Commie or nazi nevermind

I want silence in my head

Anger says to kill them all
My mind says to stop and drop
Track Name: Faceless
Who am I?
Who are you?
I want nothing
So I don't lose

Where to go?
Waht to say?
Just pretend
and I'm okay

No more question, FACELESS FACELESS
No more opinion, FACELESS FACELESS
Faceless everything is mine
Faceless all the time
Track Name: Strip Club
The fireman at the strip club loaded with his fucking junk
The fireman goes out with teen he's got erection in his jeans

The fireman's got an infection
All the teens got sex injection
Stripping at my party will be fun
Track Name: Marvel Movies
Marvel movies suck
Spider man looks like a slut
Marvel movies are such a drag
Wolverine is not a trend
Marvel movies not my world
Make me hate the Fantastic Four
Marvel movies waste of time
Iron Man is the last decline

I say stop....now....

ohhh ohhhhh
Now they are stars of the screen
ohhh ohhhh
Marvel universe needs a fix
Track Name: I Don't Want To Play With You
I don't wanna play with you 'cause she don't wanna stay with me
I don't wanna play with you and now you know that I'm a dick

Don't wanna play with you
Track Name: Nobody Wants Your Rock'n'Roll
You will not go far
waisting money like a fool
Please sell your guitar
Are those band so cool for you?

Nobody wants your rocknroll

I don't want you around
Rock elite is in your head
Always on the ground
Drunk again with all your bands
Track Name: 15 Ways
15 ways

There are 15 ways to sleep
On a plane with me
The only one I dream
Is sleeping on your knees
Track Name: Indie Boyz
All I wanna do
All I wanna say
Is that you are a shame

Everything you do
Everything you say
Is boring anyway

And I want to kick your ass
Cause You dont make me laugh
And tonight I will be safe
'Cause I am going to send you into space

Indie boyz you make me sad
Indie boyz you make me sad oh yeah
Indie boyz you make me sad
Indie boyz you make me sad oh yeah

All you wanna have
All you wanna see
are girls around your jeans

Everything you hope
Everything you wish
Is your face on VICE magazine
Track Name: FBI
I wanna look cool
I will not be safe
I just want to tell no one my name
I'm gonna know you
You will not find me
I'm just going to kill your family

I wanna be a spy for the FBI

I wanna look cool
I will not be safe
I just want to tell no one my name
I wanna destroy
I will bomb this place
But I'm sure no one will see my face

I wanna be a spy for the FBI
I don't know why
Track Name: Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia freezed my thoughts
I feel no pain at all
And everything I do or say will leave all alone
Anesthesia of the future, past and present don't exist
'Cause time is always after me
Anxiety in my dream
Track Name: Game Over
Wanna hang out with you by my side
Just wanna tell you to be my bride
But zombies are coming to take you away
and they will drive me insane

I'm not to blame (you're dead you're dead)
It's just a game (you're dead you're dead)
Zombies are fast (too fast too fast)
I think our love will not last
Track Name: I Loved You (When I Was A Boy)
I loved your tits
I loved your lips
I loved the way you kiss
I loved your feet
I loved your clit
I loved the way you lick

But now that your cunt smell like a dog
I don't want to love you anymore

I loved when I was a boy
Track Name: Okay
I just want to be ok

The only thing to do is spitting on your rules
The only game to play is living day by day
Track Name: No School
I wanna be an idiot, an idiot of success
I wanna be a legend, I don't need anything else

I wanna be like John Lennon and Paul McCartney too
I wanna make money with no school

I wanna be like Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten too
I wanna make money with no school
Track Name: Zano Is A Gigolò
Zano is a gigolò
Zano has got to work with love
Zano really likes old cunt
Even if he's really young

Zano is a geek he works down on the street
Zano is okay you can find him on ebay
Track Name: Lollo Is On Cortisone
Cortisone is the only way
Other things drive me insane
Cortisone to soothe the pain
Kill the infections in my veins

Lollo is on cortisone

Cortisone and I'm allright
Can't you see the dragon fly?