'III' LP [OCW​​​-​​​034]


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released September 11, 2018


all rights reserved


Track Name: TV Mood
I'm ready
Go away
I wanna hug my screen all alone
I’m still here
Binge watching
Till the crack of dawn on my own
I'm busy
Stop calling me on the phone
My fingers pushing buttons
Remote control
Got a fridge full of beers and tacos
I need some more
Track Name: King of Edoné
Yes I played there so many times
But I'm still 2 or 3 behind
I'm gonna fight, working hard to reach the top
Play everything, yeah play it loud
But Roko said it's not allowed
I'm not so satisfied, I wanna be the one
I'll be the king of Edoné, you know
The king of Edoné, yes I'll be number one
I got drunk there so many times
But it's never escaped my mind
I'm gonna fight, working hard to reach the top
And Count is gonna lose this time
I've got one more band, it's not a crime
I'll be victorious and I'll found my reign of blood
Track Name: LA Motel
LA motel, you were sleeping, I was wide awake yeah
LA motel, police breakin’ into the room next door
I don't wanna go out, I don't wanna go
LA motel, you were dreaming, I was paranoid yeah
LA motel, fire alarm ringing all night long
Track Name: They Don't Like It
They don't like it like I do
They don't like it but you should
'Cause I've been waiting for so long
And now you know what I've been up to
'Cause I'll regret being on my own
And you've been waiting for so long too
I take a look at them passing by
You stare back at me in the eyes
'Cause we both know what's going through my mind
I got a feeling that I'll take some train back home
Track Name: I Saw God
That night I drank some beers
Just to hold back the tears
I saw soldiers made of tin
Just mixing wine and gin
A celestial symphony
Didn't take no LSD
Didn't eat at KFC
I'll never know, I swear
I saw God
He wears a peacock suit and long white hair
He's a Mod
His ever-changing mood could be a mare
And you sod!
Don't try to attack him 'cause he doesn't care
I wish I could be like him or like mr Jones
Not Brian Jones, but Danko Jones
Track Name: Pointless Discussion
It's getting late waiting at the bar
I say fuck you, you say eh va be’
Don't wanna have this Turkish food with you
But if I don't eat I'll kill you
It's a pointless discussion, tonight
I feel so lonely going to Edoné
I miss you saying more eh va be’
You stole my heart with that Hillton steak
Maybe I'll spare your life you little jerk
Track Name: Mentally Insane
I can't sleep, I can't wake up, I can't work out
The girl's got me all screwed up, I won't be around
'Cause she was bound to let me down
So when I go for a drive till late at night
No reason to prove me wrong or prove me right
It won't ever be worth the price
For every step I take she's gonna fool me twice
I've gone mentally insane
Don't know what is wrong with me
And I don't know how it's gonna be
Track Name: Pita for Breakfast
I never thought you'd forget me
Can I tell you my name?
I'm from Erzurum, I cannot drink rum
What else can I say?
Can't speak your mother tongue
I can't play you a song
But I cannot be wrong
'Cause I can love you anyway
All day long selling kebab
Wasting time what a shame
But when it's late I reach my mate
Looking for glory and fame
I needed sugar and spice
I needed sauce for my fries
My heart was as cold as ice
But then I met you that day
I was giving pizza away
Baby now I'm sure
Falafel, mayo and ketchup describe my love
I'll cook you pita for breakfast
Don't be afraid just open your heart
Oh no, we'll be together one day
Track Name: Stuck in Thimbleweed Park
Counting the days without any evidence
Looking for some clue, looking without a chance
Looking for you baby, a chance, give me a chance baby
I'm here Stuck in Thimbleweed Park
I'm really stuck in here, cannot find a clue
Track Name: Hangover Girl
My little hangover girl
Who are you following?
Let's get out of here
It's time to go
You fear the light of the sun
Like it's doomsday
That is not the way
To let go of all the pain
And realize we are the same
While we ride in this lane
We are one
My little hangover girl
Don't you be afraid
It won't be too late
To make it work
There's nothing left anyway
And no days to plan
You'll be aware of that
When you'll dance on your own
In your room all alone
Playing songs we just wrote
For no one
Track Name: German Dream
Everybody has a dream
Kotek-ino has a dream
Even Mitan had a dream
Now he's too busy at the gym
Germany is the way
Hakan's here to stay
Ready to emigrate
No, It's never too late
First was USA, now It's over
Then low PM10 in October
It's the German dream I dream of
Track Name: Awake
Stay away from me
I’ll let you down
It will be the same
I’m going to fall for you
Same old stage
My mind blown away
You got to save me
She has her way
I try to stay awake
Try to stay awake

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