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One Chord Wonder Milan, Italy

Milano No-Talent Scouts

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Track Name: Through The End
Through the end

Man, I must be dead ’cause I finally got well. Today.
All the way to here from the place I’ve lived before
Just looking for a bad
With everything I had still in my head
Whoever I am, I haven’t met myself yet
I guess I had no choice but come and smile
Now my teeth are gritting tight
I’m coming through the end
Got roof and got floor, but I didn’t get the walls of my head
Found my way to be what I didn’t wanna be
And went being it
Track Name: Got Sushi?!
Got sushi?!

Left alone at the Jubilee
Feeling an homely need to disappear
Almost sure, that’s not my place
Keep dreaming
I sit around and let the thoughts go high
While my fiends are blowing up my mind
Waiting, smoking thousands of cigarettes
And dreaming
Keep dreaming
Got an hellbound walking on my rails
Do they use to fill it with some of PO210
I will think about it during other lives
’Cause I don’t care no more
Just came out of the Tower Bridge
Chasing for the one I use to need
Hiding secrets through a normal speech
And eating
Just eating
Track Name: Billy Milligan
Billy Milligan

He’s just a boy who likes to share his time
Ohio just ain’t good to clean your mind, who minds?
He’s back again in him and he’s looking for a friend
24. Not the age but people tries to defend
Being anyone of them but himself
Oh my Oh my
I met a man, he was good and clear to the end
Out again, got no loss friend left to regret
Being anyone of them except himself
Oh my Oh my
Which one of them would’ve been a friend of mine?
Track Name: (See You) In A While
(See you) in a while

Like my face in the mirror
It’s the skyline I see when I am drunk
50 meters from my home
Is where a second paranoia began
Another nonsense fight
Throughout myself and someone saying “you’re not right”
I always thought at my mind at something beautiful
See you and I
I sit for a while
When the view’s coming clearer
I guess I’m like titanic before it sunk
50 reasons not to wake up
My french bed starts a revolution from me
I’m not that bad at all
You’re not so grateful
I have no thoughts at all
My mind ain’t beautiful after all
Track Name: Shame, Same Shame
Shame, same shame

I’m not that one of a kind
and all of you don’t mean to be real
meant to be real
Do it now, don’t ask me again
what it means to cry and be real
you’ll notice this is nothing but surreal
Same old shame again
While all of you don’t seem to concern
Meant to concern
Do it now, don’t ask me again
What it means to die and be real
You’ll notice this is nothing but surreal
Track Name: The Russian Way
The russian way

Another chance, another jar
Another poisoned drink to puke all day
So many people’s faces to forget
Being a smelling New York city rat
Burning cities, losing heads
I’m gonna live it in my own Russian way
Finding her name in a glass
And boozing ‘till I can’t recall my name
I couldn’t stay, I had to break it
Like every time I felt so paranoid
From Ukraine to this other land
Breaking, falling, smoking
Rising, drinking, squeezing
Track Name: Gettin' Jiggy With It
Gettin’ jiggy with it

This mood doesn’t give me anything and everyday I ask myself: what for?
Not my fault if I find more interest in the gentle art of sniffing the floor
One more trip to lobotomy starts to sound a little bit frustrating
I wish I could be Jay-Z ’cos his songs kinda manipulate me
Gettin’ jiggy with it
Gettin’ habituated
Track Name: He Came From The Cold
He came from the cold

My name is Alec and I’m just a drunk little man
An undercover agent working for Alliance
And I’m walking aware of what I have to do
Fell in love with a communist girl that keeps me awake
The game is going harder and we got a choose to make
And we are sneaking aware of what will be an adieu
Whatever happened to “The Circus” does not matter now
Staying in cold and keep on living has the precedence
We have to die under the wall and then just disappear
I heard them shooting, there is no walking
Whatever happened to “The Circus” keeps on bothering me
Staying in cold and keep on living is the priority
We have to die under the wall and then just disappear
I heard them shooting, there is no walking
Wait, act, ask for more
Information is insecure
We have to climb the Berlin wall
Oh man you’ve got it we’ve got to climb it all
Track Name: Get It Barry!
Get it Barry!

Got a personal new mug
I bought it in the city
And I live caffeine nights on my own
I was made to drive
Walking ain’t that pretty
I’m through this favourite street of mine
And I cry a little more
It’s funny how more sad we became
And started to be scared
Of slam our face again and lose the train
We weren’t made to ride
But to follow is so creepy
Gotta carry on and let them go
And I die a little more
Before of that I said my AMEN
Prayed all my demons
And gave myself a friendly pat on my back
Said my “Hell Yeah”
Destroyed my ego
And gave myself a friendly pat on my back
Track Name: Amazingly Useless
Amazingly useless

Sometimes I wake up like if I had an hole in my head
People is talkin’ to me as I cannot understand
The news I read is meaningless so
I don’t wanna know
If there is something wrong in Colombia, Japan, Congo
This life I live is full of contradictions can’t u see?
But I don’t mean a thing ’til contradiction lives in me
I stand still everyday but everything is moving on
I play this losing game with no aces in my hand at all
I don’t wanna know
It’s amazing but useless, baby
Track Name: UVB-76

Tragically awake again
And I am staring at the radio
Waitin’ for somebody new
Basically obsessed with them
I don’t know what they do or what they hide
I’ll keep your secret still alive
Feeling like Harvey Lee Oswald
I don’t understand our lifestyle free
Or any form of smart society
I can’t move but I’m there with heart
Please destroy us it’s not hypocrisy
Use some nukes and set us free
’Cause I can’t stand it anymore
UVB UVB is it you?
I can listen if you wanna talk a few, a few, a few
I can’t see how it could be right
While the sky isn’t that bright
UVB UVB is it you?
I can listen if you wanna talk a few, a few, a few
Track Name: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Anyway, anyhow, anywhere

Smelling really really bad
The taste of knowing how is sad
This place will be a memory
Been locked up in my head
I’ve been here for too long
But I can wait a little bit more
All the time you’re gonna use and more
Just don’t you let you go
On and on I keep on holding all this time to come
While there’s no one left here around
Greetings to the place I will never live in again
Saying goodbye to all the things I know
Keep holding on but what for?
Anything, anyone, anymore